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Opened in 1993, Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant aims to encourage guests to discover the traditional Amorgian cuisine and also enjoy international dishes. For the last three years, Ambrosia Restaurant is certified by “AEGEAN CUISINE”, an initiative that recognizes firms demonstrating the rich culinary tradition of the Aegean, offering local products at a quality level.


Would you like to learn the traditional Amorgian recipes in a fun and relaxed atmosphere? Aegialis Hotel & Spa invites you to learn from our Chef how to make fava, favatokeftedes, vegetable croquettes, methismena amorgiana dessert and many more delicious Greek dishes. Take a piece of Greece with you.


Aegialis Hotel & Spa invites you to discover traditional Greek music and dances. It is in the Greek way of life to enjoy dinner for a celebration or fun, dancing to the sound of violin and lute all night long. Join us to experience and feel the sense of freedom and festivity of the original Greek night atmosphere at Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant.

Organic Gardens

The organic gardens of Aegialis Hotel & Spa are located within the hotel premises, mostly below and above Lalon Idor Spa. Mr.Nikitas chose this place because it had not been cultivated for almost 70 years. All this virgin land around the hotel is ideal for maintaining an organic and responsible garden.


Try the path from the village of Tholaria to the village of Langada. It’s a traverse which rewards hikers with spectacular views of the entire valley of Aegiali and the four villages of Tholaria, Langada, Ormos and Potamos. This path is easy to navigate and well marked.

Herbal Tours

Amorgos has a huge variety of herbs, hosting aroaund 600 species of plants, which accounts for approximately 30% of the Cycladic flora. Amorgian herbs are known since the antiquity for their quality and medicinal properties. You are more than welcome to join our herbal tours and discover the healing features of each plant and ways to use them.

Scuba Diving

Aegialis Hotel & Spa leads you to the mysterious world of the Aegean Sea. With the help of experienced instructors, you will explore and discover the vast depths and incredible kingdom of the sea, experiencing everything from its underwater plant life to its multitude of colourful creatures.

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